I had surgery on a smashed big toe in Siloam in 2014. Orthopedic doc and anesthesiologist were great. Food was horrible. Same docs also usually work at a cheaper hospital - mine works at BaliMed as well and I’ve seen him there for other ortho issues. Surprised him when I walked in. It pays to be your own medical advocate here.

Richard Flax’s insurance products come with that built in, which i think is a fantastic model.

Heather Boylan 2021-03-09

Richard’s immediate, personal involvement in two friends health emergencies saved their lives, I feel quite sure.

API PACIFIC also has a lot of diff plans and options to help it be affordable and to tailor the plan to what you need, and they have decades of experience working with expats living in Bali.

JB 2021-03-03

A must have, no doubt. Thank you Richard and team for the fantastic support while we were in Bali.

Flawless costumer service.

Aldo Lobato 2020-11-06

This occurred at the same hospital during the same month and is unrelated to Case 1.

Our client had been attending a hospital in Kuta, Bali where he had been diagnosed as needing an intervention to his heart that required cauterizing one area. The estimated cost was $49,000, for which a Letter of Guarantee was requested by the hospital from our TPA.

This was discussed by our medical team, whose conclusion was that further tests needed to be performed in order to confirm the diagnoses.

We suggested to our client that a second opinion would be advisable and that Perth was an ideal center of medical excellence to undertake these tests under the supervision of top heart specialists. Our client agreed.

When he arrived in Perth he underwent diagnoses and tests, the result of which in the specialists opinion were that the operation proposed in Bali was not required and he was prescribed one tablet to take daily. Since that time, he has had no further incidents with his heart.

Case Study 2 2020-07-20

In August 2019 a female API Pacific client was admitted to hospital in Denpasar complaining of chest pains.

After two days of being admitted, she was transferred to another hospital in Kuta in order to potentially perform an operation to place stents into her heart.

This hospital contacted our elected Third Party Assistance provider (TPA) who is responsible for taking medical decisions for our clients. The hospital advised the TPA they would like them to approve an operation for 3 stents to be inserted into our client’s heart. All throughout this process API team had been counseling our client.

In order to sanction such a high cost procedure, we requested as per normal, tests and scans to ascertain the exact nature of the problem. However, these had not been performed by the hospital prior to requesting a Letter of Guarantee for US $ 47, 000 for this operation. The hospital went on to say these tests would be performed once the patient was undergoing the scans etc, if necessary. Their argument was that they wanted to be able to proceed with the procedure immediately in case the tests came out badly.

Our background knowledge of this client provided us with information as to her overall physical condition. She was and is an extremely physically fit person “a gym rat “, as her husband calls her.

Despite ongoing pressure from the hospital to our TPA to approve this $47,000 operation, in consultation with our Singapore team this approval was declined, pending results of the scans that would be performed the next morning, which we authorized.

In the event the scans were not conclusive, the next day the decision was made between our team and the family for her to fly to Bangkok, her preferred destination for treatment.

Upon arrival and being examined scanned and tested in Bangkok the specialist informed her that there were absolutely no issues that required stents, in all probability the pain she had experienced was only a cramp. He prescribed one tablet to take if she felt the pain again.

It is now close to a year since this incident, our client has been fine with no issues at all regarding her heart and is not carrying round a set of unnecessary stents for the rest of her life.

Case Study 1 2020-07-20

Thank you ...
I wish to inform you that I have at this time had a good recovery from my back surgery of January 14, 2019. The services from the hospital that is offered in my insurance plan in Singapore (Mt. Alvernia) were excellent. I would also like to note that with the assistance of your team, my experience with IGH claim approval was expedited efficiently and with sincere concern for my state of health and my coverage, assisting me with a couple of issues that were a little complex. You worked hard through the channels of the medical insurance protocol . This was my first time to make a claim for medical insurance over the 25 years that I have depended on your services for my insurance policies in the past and present. I am indebted to you for his dedication to service and offering me coverage through IGH.
Thank you for your kind attention.

A L Vali 2019-07-21

Thanks for asking Singapore.
I must say this experience with the insurance going via you has been 100000% more pleasant than my last experience when my son broke his arm

M Bali2019-04-30

I recently retired from my position as Head Nurse /Technical Advisor at BIMC hospital in Kuta a position I held for eighteen years .Our patients were international travellers holidaymakers and residents of Bali and Indonesia. Over the years it became apparent that one of the best Insurance companies for support and payment was QBE. IGH are underwritten by QBE. The team at IGH are known in Indonesia for their proactive assistance that is very much appreciated by people with medical problems as often the best solution is not the most obvious one here

Stephanie Breen - Jogyakarta2018-06-08

Scraping people off the roads of Bali for more than 25 years, Richard and his team have saved many lives. What's more important than that?

Nick Burgoyne2018-05-12

Hi Richard, back to Bali yesterday & happy i had the choice to go to Singapore. Surgery was more complicated than diagnosed here, not a surprise.
Raffles was very professional. Sure to enjoy my rest now.Thanks for your help.

Matthew Wood2017-09-12

First I want to thank you since as you know you were completely right when you suggested that we rushed p to Singapore when I first called you. Thanks to common sense and intuition as well we finally did it and here we are with a very good Doctor who we trust fully.
As Antonio told you we have been informing your company every day and hope that on Monday Vivilate responds as it should and takes care of expenses etc. Sunday 26 February 2017 ….
( NB : this was an issue of the heart requiring immediate surgical intervention)
Thanks once again everything went fine intervention and coverage Kind regards


if you are looking for an insurance while living in Bali this is the place to be.
I had motorbike accidents, surf related herniated discs, artificial disc implants, ruptured tendons of the bone, you name it...
Before you start building your pool or renovate your newly rented villa, get yourself insured.
Your body is your best buddy in the end…
These people are my Guardian Angels since I came to Bali a long time ago.
Hang loose and keep on living


I thought I'd send you a message to say that I finally got out of hospital in Sydney last weekend after 16 days from touching down and heading straight to emergency. I ended up having 3 surgeries on my back to clear heavy infection. Literally Richard if I left it another 1 or 2 days the infection would of over come me and hit organs so yes very glad I got out when I did and thank you very much for your guidance!
Enjoy and take care. Once I gain the all clear next week I'll be heading back to Bali shortly after.
Thank you so much for all you guidance and support. I hope you have a fantastic weekend...
Thank you.


Another insane situation you just handled beautifully. I never forget when I was lying on my kitchen floor, itwas late at night, some few years ago, just head a blackout, no one at home or neighbours. Only my cell phone and you at the other end assisted me while you were having a shower some kilometers away. You were there online, all the way till I got help at SOS. I know you didn't get any commission from my insurance because the office bought it from other company. Global Ass (istance) supposed to provide the assistance I needed. But they never there when I need. I never able to thank you enough. I owe you few Big one as you also helped me and my husband in other emergency situations. And after all these years we still never met. Not a single time. If not because of fb, I still don't know what you look like:) If guardian angels exist, You are the real one.
With love and big hug.

Wita Faura & Michael Nicklin2016-07-25

I would like to say that you are the best Richard and for anyone who wants the best possible insurance they should go to you. When I broke my knee I called you late in the night and you helped me to make the right decisions and when I had my follow up surgery in Singapore it was so good I kept on accidentally referring to the hospital as the hotel. You were an angel in a bad moment and I am forever grateful for your help. All the best.

Gaby When

I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work during that difficult time last week. It wasn’t easy for any of us but you pulled through and got the plane organised and resolved all the problems that being in an area remote from good hospitals with a badly broken leg in West Java presented us with. Thank you for going the extra mile and ensuring that I got the surgery I needed even though my passport was in immigration. Good on you

Dustin HumphreyMarch 2015

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