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Yayasan Manusia Untuk Masyarkat ( MUM) is an organization whose name “People for the community” states its mission statement. MUM empowers individuals with simple ways to assist communities in need in Indonesia, MUM is a facilitator for a number of non-profit organizations in Indonesia who's principals are founding members of the MUM organisation. Together we draw on a wealth of knowledge to provide efficient and effective methods of delivering aid to communities in need.

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Yayasan Golombang Udara Segar or GUS quiet literally means a “Wave of Fresh Air”. This organization was founded as a result of the Balinese Surfer Documentary Series, in which the Balinese surfing community and the wealth of the Indonesian Surf industry have become the major contributors to ensuring that Bali stays clean. The environmental innovation of this organization is setting a precedent on how to keep the Indonesian islands clean.

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Wave Of Change

Wave of Change connects young people around the planet assisting their efforts to make this a better world by empowering them with the tools and know how to do so at a local level. Think Global(ly). Act Local(ly) is the message. Over the past few years has been building an organization to facilitate groups of surfers old and young with film and online media in order to help them in their roles as ambassadors for the marine environment.
The result of the first project a film made for Australian television (ABC) was viewed internationally on public television stations and The Discovery Channel.

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the sumba Foundations

The Sumba Foundations

The Sumba Foundation was established as a way for the Nihiwatu resort to give back to the local Sumbanese people. The building of health clinics to improve medical facilities and the digging of wells to provide water has been coupled with the most progressive Malaria eradication to improve the lives of the Sumbanese people.

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