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International Global Health is an international health solution created by a team of first responders who have more than 100 years of handling medical emergencies in Indonesia. Our team has the connections and know-how that ensures clients are treated as fast as possible with the best quality care. No two situations are ever alike and your first point of contact is directly is directly to our team, which is ready to snap into action 24/7. We do not use remote call centers to handle a crisis. Our Global 24 hour assistance team based in Singapore is at your service where ever you are on the planet.

This plan is for savvy young globetrotters aged between 19 and 29 since it is entirely focused on getting the best quality medical care in an emergency that requires hospital. This policy is for people exploring South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia. It is inexpensive and pared down for healthy young adventurers smart enough to know the value of complete emergency insurance cover. It has no extreme sports exclusions.

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If you require information about health insurance options made specifically for Bali, Indonesia or other areas of Asia, please contact us with your specific requirements and we will respond with a number of calculated options.

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