API Pacific specializes in facilitating health solutions in Bali, Indonesia & Asia. We use health insurance products to ensure your health & safety

We have developed specific products and a unique service proposition, designed for people living in Bali, Indonesia & Asia; in order to maximize their safety and security while living in the region.

  • We are practiced in the Asian region, specialising in dealing with medical situations in Bali, Indonesia & Asia
  • Our key staff and partners have over 30 years experience in Bali, Indonesia & Asia
  • We have pioneered a quick and effective response system to medical situations; this response is initiated and executed Bali, Indonesia & Asia
  • We provide comprehensive medical insurance products, with wide ranging choice of benefits including health inurance products for local nationals, blue ribbon medical insurance policies that provide total peace of mind, Group insurance policies and short term products
  • Our local medical facilitators are available 24 hours a day, to ensure you are receiving the most appropriate level of care and treatment
  • We understand that early intervention is the most appropriate solution in dealing with parts of the Asian medical system. We have developed protocols and procedures to marginalize risk. Access to centers of medical excellence is prioritized within this purpose designed system
  • We operate with due regard and compliance to Indonesian and regional legal requirements
  • We seek to provide you with peace of mind; Nobody knows Asia as we do!

We offer more than a good health Insurance policy; our philosophy has been to develop a practical and effective system that ensures you are receiving the most appropriate medical treatment in the quickest possible time. Whilst not part of the benefits of any health Insurance policy, this is the most crucial element of care for those residents in Bali, Indonesia & Asia where standards of medical care vary significantly!

Corporate History

API Pacific’s Managing Director Richard Flax moved to Indonesia in 1975, to escape the comforts of the West, he chose the remote island paradise of Bali. During the ensuing years the foundations for API Pacific were laid and the fledgling company became involved in several developing areas of commercial activity in Indonesia. Initiated during the first years of the newly licensed Foreign Investment System (PMA)these activities have matured in the field of Development of Resorts, The Health Insurance Industry, The Marine Tourism industry and Consultations to intending foreign investors in Indonesia.

Several of the projects initiated during the 80’s have developed into mainstays of the industries in Bali.

Not least of which are several successful marine and tourism Foreign Investment companies and developments in the field of medical care and health Insurance.

The success of one of Indonesia’s foremost remote luxury resorts gives credence to the modus operandi as it has become a leading example of environmentally responsible tourism. Other PMA companies initiated during these early times remain exemplars in the marine tourism industry in Bali.

Over the years it became apparent that the medical systems that suited most of the world were not the most effective for the Asian region. In response to this growing need Richard proposed an alternative

After a detailed investigation and study into the suitability of these proposals, they were fully embraced becoming the foundation of a new approach to the myriad issues affecting the region, developing a unique medical system with exceedingly positive results for medical issues in Asia. Effectively establishing an autonomous system for the region.

Shortly thereafter, a new regional head office in Singapore further strengthened this unique business partnership. We are proud to present a totally new range of Health Insurance products backed by the world’s largest Insurer and underwritten by one of Indonesia’s largest Insurers. Developed to respond to the challenges of top grade Insurance cover for the region the products are affordable and effective. Social responsibility is a matter of essential priority and API Pacific has developed a series of responsible independent foundations that contribute to resolving social issues that affect those in the greatest need in Indonesia.

Astro Pertama Indonesia is part of the API Pacific group an entirely foreign owned Indonesian subsidiary company operating under the foreign investment laws of Indonesia,

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If you require information about health insurance options made specifically for Bali, Indonesia or other areas of Asia, please contact us with your specific requirements and we will respond with a number of calculated options.

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