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API Pacific specializes in facilitating health insurance solutions in Bali, Indonesia and Asia. We use health insurance products to ensure your health and safety.

We have developed specific products and a unique service proposition, designed for people living in Bali, Indonesia and Asia; in order to maximize their safety and security while living in the region.

We are practiced in the Asian region, specialising in dealing with medical situations in Bali, Indonesia and Asia Our key staff and partners have over 30 years experience in Bali, Indonesia and Asia .

We have pioneered a quick and effective response system to medical situations; this response is initiated and executed Bali, Indonesia and Asia.

We provide comprehensive medical insurance products, with wide ranging choice of benefits including health inurance products for local nationals, blue ribbon medical insurance policies that provide total peace of mind, Group insurance policies and short term products Our local medical facilitators are available 24 hours a day, to ensure you are receiving the most appropriate level of care and treatment.

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Our Expertise

Api Pacific

Health Insurance Products

We offer more than a good health Insurance policy; our philosophy has been to develop a practical and effective system that ensures you are receiving the most appropriate medical treatment in the quickest possible time.

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Property Development

API Pacific’s team has long term experience in the development of foreign investment projects under the PMA investment laws. We have the experience to guide those wishing to develop safely and securely.

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Our track record of helping establish successful investments in Indonesia began in 1985 with the introduction of several Joint Venture projects to the Archipelago under the Foreign Investment regulations (PMA). We invite you to consult with us on your future investment plans.

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NGO Foundations

We are proud to have played an instigataory role in founding several of these non-profit organizations leading to innovative ways of helping Indonesian communities. These non-profit organizations are promoting healthy changes to the environments in which they are established.


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